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OpenM++: open source microsimulation platform

OpenM++ is an open source microsimulation platform inspired by and compatible with Modgen. OpenM++, compared to its closed source predecessor, has many advantages like portability, scalability and open source. It is not a copy of Modgen, but rather a new, functionally equivalent implementation of the publicly available specification of the Modgen language. OpenM++ does not depend on Modgen, does not use Modgen and does not share any source code with Modgen. On the other hands, you can be compile and run Modgen models by using OpenM++.

Getting Started

Using OpenM++

Using OpenM++: JSON web-service and Go

Using OpenM++ from R

OpenM++ Development

OpenM++ Design, Roadmap and Status

Project Status: production stable since February 2016

OpenM++ Source Code

More about OpenM++

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